Design2Pro is your game-changing solution in today’s incredibly competitive newspaper publishing environment. When you make Design2Pro your virtual art department, you can 

Save Six Figures or More Annually

Depending on your volume of pages and ads, it’s not uncommon for group publishers to realize serious savings of six figures or more each year. Single-title publishers also can see substantial five or even six figure savings as well.
This money is a net-dollar capital infusion that can go straight to your bottom line or can be used to enhance your ad sales efforts, improve your web and mobile services or bolster your editorial coverage.
This cuts your costs, makes publishing more profitable, makes you more competitive with the web and electronic media and will improve the look and impact of your pages and your ads because some of the world’s most talented publication designers will be working on your newspapers.

We offer flat per-page pricing for all your layout and design needs from cover to cover – all your editorial pages, all your ads, everything and no hidden costs, no overtime charges and real time customer service with managers you can speak with on the phone, via Skype, email, IM, text, whatever you need. We can completely replicate your existing design or redesign your publications at no extra cost! Put the power of the web to work for you!

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